Can You Pinch an Inch?

So you think beauty knows no pain? Think again.

Get ready to take that concept to a truly deeper level.

Utta Body Sculpture, housed in a no-frills office on Wilshire, promises a new physique in ten sessions. How? Deep-tissue massage that reportedly breaks down fat pockets and releases toxins. The catch: For one hour, you’re all Utta’s. We’re talking some pretty rough prodding, pushing, pulling, kneading, and pummeling. No kidding. Some even bruise. But Utta is as sweet as they come.

Sound about as hokey as popping a little miracle B-12? Maybe. But the results speak for themselves. Those who brave the first beating tend to become clients for life (full disclosure: we tried it—twice!!—and found it strangely therapeutic). Just check out the glossy headshots on the wall to see exactly whose ass she got into shape for which role.

So if you’re a believer, grit those teeth and get your soon-to-be-perfect butt down there.

Utta Body Sculpture, 9730 Wilshire Boulevard, suite 207, Beverly Hills (310-858-7161).