Sole Man

His name was William Mathias Scholl. Born in Indiana in 1886. More than just a doctor, he was the consummate ladies’ man.

Was he a diet doctor? No, but his treatments are sold at every corner drugstore. Dr. Scholl (oh, remember him now?) was just a certified podiatrist who knew what tired feet really needed. He became the apple of every chick’s eye (and insured a spot in the fashion pantheon) when he created an orthopedic sandal with a molded wooden base — a shoe he designed to work the wearer’s leg muscles. Toned calves with no work? What a guy!

The sandals have made more comebacks than we care to count, and they’re back again. Only this time, Dr. Scholl’s has kicked it up a level. Nearly four inches, to be precise.

The Sassy comes in a variety of pretty colors. Will they replace your Choos? Probably not. But remember: Dr. Scholl’s are actually good for you.

Available at Urban Outfitters, visit urbn.com for the location nearest you. To buy online, go to shoes.com.