Clean Me Up, Scottie...

You’ve got the incognito thing down.

But even your biggest Gucci wraparounds and vintage scarf can’t hide the signs of that brutal facial, waxing, or massage. (God forbid you should run into your ex with that cheek crease from the massage table!)

That’s why Robert Scott makes house calls. And why his studio is tucked away in a quiet West Hollywood bungalow. And it’s why celebs swear by his setup. It’s called privacy.

That, and his great hands. Praised as the best masseur in L.A., Scott was recently in Salt Lake City, kneading Olympians to victory. Gold-medal treatments include a scrub with lavender and lemons fresh from his garden. He’s also a master of the antioxidant facial, the latest and greatest microdermabrasion (crystal free!), and hard waxing (he peels rather than rips).

The only thing he can’t do is keep the paparazzi at bay. That’s your job. Our suggestion: Invest in a hat.

Robert Scott Face/Body, by appointment only (323-656-5975). For more info, visit rsfacebody.com.