Hey, Mr. DJ

Dig, if you will, a party. A room full of dancing fools in a boogie wonderland. Waving their hands in the air like they just don’t care. The DJ cuts to Billy Joel’s “Big Shot.” The collective crowd pauses in horror then collapses in hysterics.

Don’t get too cocky. You’re the next DJ.

Let the guests do the spinning. Throw a “Be My DJ” party. We attended one a few weeks ago. Verdict? It’s the new karaoke (with better dancing).

But before you throw open the doors, some pointers, courtesy of our recent host:

1. Two CD players needed, two turntables, and a mixer. You can (affordably) rent equipment at Ametron in Hollywood. Consider hiring a technician to instruct novices.

2. Have a sign-up sheet. Assign 20 to 30-minute shifts. Assign a DJ liaison who will find the next jockey and get him or her on deck.

3. Best way to lure people into the limelight? A well-stocked bar.

Who doesn’t love showing off their record collection? And who needs to see three chicks in too-tight tube tops belting out “R-E-S-P-E-C-T”?

Ametron, 1546 North Argyle Avenue (323-466-4321), and online at ametron.com.