The Y Gene

Men love jeans.
Sometimes, jeans don’t love men.

Baggy and wide? Only for the sixteen-and-under set. Thigh-squeezing alternatives? Tapered leg? Terrifying.

Help is here, boys. After a recent trip to New York, former Sean John accessory designer Jade Howe noticed that guys seemed at a loss about how to wear jeans (thanks, Einstein) and took matters into his own hands. He designed the perfect jeans for men.

The result? A flattering cut, tailored just right: not too tight, too big, or too low. More importantly, the denim is comfortable. As for the style, Howe calls it a “mix between cowboy punk and English-country-gentleman rockstar.”

Axl Rose meets Hugh Grant? We can’t vouch for such a character, but he has potential.

Available at Yellow, 605 North La Brea Avenue, at Melrose Avenue (323-525-0362).