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How Lo Can You Go?

Another celebrity-owned restaurant? Have we learned nothing from our Planet Hollywood ways?

Hold on. Madre’s, Jennifer Lopez’s family restaurant, opens today, and it’s full of surprises. For one thing, it’s not in Hollywood or Beverly Hills. Not even Santa Monica or Los Feliz. It’s nowhere near her other venture, the Conga Room.

Madre’s is in Pasadena, in the off-the-beaten-path spot formerly occupied by Pinot. What will J. Lo be serving at her Latin joint? Puerto Rican and Cuban food (family-style) prepared by Chef Rolando. (Think he’ll mind if we call him Che-Ro?)

Rachel Ashwell of Shabby Chic (overstuffed couches, distressed country furnishings) designed the interior. (Donatella musta been unavailable.)

Will Jen be selling her jeans by the coat check? Nah, but we bet you could pick up a CD or two.

Madre’s, 897 Granite Drive, at Lake Avenue, Pasadena (626-744-0900).