Rolling with MashiMaro

Fuzzy dice? Nah. Chrome rims? We’ll pass, thanks.

A badass bunny? Now you’re talking.

The latest inspiration in pimped-out car accessories is so cute (and refreshingly practical) that it might make you reconsider your ban on automotive adornment.

Introducing steering-wheel and gearshift covers that feature gangster rabbit MashiMaro. Oh, you thought bunnies were for sissies? Not this one: He’s tough enough to go up against Hello Kitty. Created in 1999 by Korean cartoonist Kim Jae-In, MashiMaro has replaced the ubiquitous feline as the hottest merchandise fetish in Japan. Besides looking cool, the funky covers are a must-have for fending off UV rays. And they come with a fragrance that puts vanilla-scented cardboard trees to shame.

Just watch your speed.
MashiMaro’s been known to make trouble with the law.

Available online at dreamkitty.com.