Opal Essence

Diagnosis: Accessories burnout

Symptoms: You put on your gold hoops for the six-thousandth time only to realize you’ve lost that loving feeling. You reach for your favorite turquoise necklace and are overcome by the sinking feeling that you’re about to be fashion twinkied — that the rest of the office will be wearing the exact same number.

Remedy: Peruvian opal. The semiprecious stone glows an intense shade of blue that recalls azure tropical waters (or Paul Newman’s eyes, mood depending). And jeweler Liza Shtromberg, whose shop has drawn devotees like Mena Suvari and Gwen Stefani, just got in a shipment of the remarkable opals. She custom-makes rings, necklaces, and earrings; instant-gratification junkies can choose from the prefab items on display. Shtromberg’s collection ranges from hippie-chic “om” necklaces and chunky chokers to disco-riffic dangly gold earrings.

Did someone say retail therapy?

Liza Shtromberg Studio, 2120 North Hillhurst Avenue (323-913-1444).