Dirty Little Secret

There’s just something about Dirty Dancing.

Okay, it’s no Citizen Kane. But every time we watch Baby escape the bonds of small-minded bourgeois repression and learn to dance, something in us just dances too. Problem is, our film-snob friends never understand: Bring up movies and all they want to talk about is some guy named Truffaut. So for fourteen years, our secret love for Baby and Johnny has languished, tucked away in a corner of our psyches.

No longer.

Check out the original 1988 Polish poster for Dirty Dancing, and discover what a touch of Eastern European class can do for even the schlockiest Hollywood movie. Recently seized upon by discerning film buffs, the posters are collectibles in their own right: The folks who create them are genuinely brilliant and respected artists. Which means you can hang yours without shame, finally celebrating your love of Mystic Pizza or Young Guns without having to apologize to your highbrow acquaintances. In fact, it’s quite likely that those same friends will begin to regard you with a newfound respect.

So say it loud, say it proud: “No one puts Baby in a corner!”

Available online at poster.com.pl.