The Straight Story

Hair envy (har en’-ve) n. A feeling inspired by a sudden improvement in an acquaintance’s hairstyle. Example: “Cindy’s new stick-straight locks! Total hair envy!”

Don’t hate her because she’s beautiful. One-up her and get yourself a Magic Straight Perm at Victoria’s Salon in Koreatown. Owner Victoria Hwang has been battling curls, kinks, and frizz using this incredible Asian process since before it became trendy in fancy salons. How? They start with a low-pH solution (gentler than a chemical relaxer), dry and iron hair with UV-coated irons, and finish with a neutralizer to lock in straightness.

The real magic? Prices start at $200 (versus the $700 that you’d pay in West Hollywood). The downside: It takes all day. But the results last up to six months.

Who knows, maybe by then you’ll have accepted your hair for what it is and realized that ringlets are sexy, too?

Victoria’s Salon, 3863 West Sixth Street, at South Serrano Street, in Koreatown (213-387-3040). For more info, visit straightperm.com.