No Strings Attached

Ever been on a date so painfully boring that you’d rather have been home sewing?

No? (Liar.)

Stephanie Seeley, former visual director of chic clothing store Louis Boston, got so disenchanted with the dating scene that she decided to take a break from it. To pass the long, lonesome nights without tears, she opted out of the pint-of-Ben & Jerry’s plan and did something productive: She began creating amazing one-of-a-kind T-shirts and embroidering the date of each garment’s creation on the back. Her latest style, a corset tee, is made from a men’s white undershirt and has vintage-tablecloth prints sewn on in angular lines.

So dinner and a movie didn’t work out? Went home alone?

That’s okay. At least celibacy is working out for someone.

Available at Beige, 7274 Beverly Boulevard, between Poinsettia and La Brea (323-549-0064).