Ah, Sugar, Sugar

Face it. It’s been so long since your last trip to the salon that you’re starting to look like Courtney Love circa 1992.

We know: Your 9-to-5 (more like 8-to-8, right?) makes scheduling appointments a nightmare. And after a hard day, a two-hour personal-grooming session isn’t exactly at the top of your list. You’d rather unwind with some good company and empty calories.

So do it at Sugar, our favorite Silver Lake salon. We already know that owners Tommy Carmanico (formerly of Jonathan) and Victor Lomeli (formerly of Fred Segal Santa Monica) give great hair. But—aces!—the hip, teensy place recently established a symbiotic relationship with Cafe Stella next door. Clients getting straightened, dyed, or mohawked (no joke—last time we stopped in, a guy was getting his done) can order from the restaurant and be served in the salon (cute French waiter and all!). Now that’s what we call full service.

And best of all, when you find that stray hair in your linguine, you’ll know exactly where it came from.

Sugar Salon, 3930 Sunset Boulevard at Sanborn, behind the Vice store (323-666-7000).