Hat 2 da Back

First it was the cardigan. Then the designer backpack. Then the pashmina. For a moment you were even forced to contemplate — jeepers! — the cape.

Seems like something’s always gotta be hanging over the shoulders. The human back is just so darn pretty; it begs to be adorned.

Next up: straw hats.

They’ve been showing up on upper backs for ages, and have more recently been updated by milliner Lucy Barlow. A more cost-sensitive alternative? Make your own! Take two pieces of ribbon, connect them to the sides of a hat, tie into a bow, drape over the shoulders, and — presto! — summer’s most adorable accessory.

And screw fashion! Hats, whether sitting on your noggin or resting on your back, are ideal sunblock.

So maintain your aristocratic pallor. (And save yourself a couple of wrinkles.)

Lucy Barlow’s straw hats are available at Barneys New York, 9570 Wilshire Boulevard, between Peck Street and Camden Drive (310-276-4400). Or just bring any hat into your local milliner and have strings attached.