Bling Bling

You want to embrace your inner gangsta.

But you’re just not quite ready for the 22k tooth. Yet.

Dr. Supertooth to the rescue. For ten bucks, the super-cool children’s dentist will affix a rhinestone to your pearly whites that’ll have Escalades screeching to a halt. Or, at the very least, it’ll give cute boys an excuse to lean in a little closer…

The rhinestones come in tons of colors. We like the tiny, tasteful white ones. (We may have flava, but we’re still ladies.) Dr. Supertooth guarantees two weeks of bling in your smile but says the rhinestones can stay on for months. Best of all, since he’s a kids’ dentist (duh, his last name isn’t really Supertooth), you can play video games or watch cartoons while he works his magic. If sparkle isn’t your thing, he can put a unicorn decal on your incisor or a flower on your bicuspid.

And you thought going to the dentist wasn’t fun.

Dr. Supertooth, a.k.a. Dr. Stephen J. Howard, 18411 Clark Street, Suite 306, Tarzana (818-343-9119); or online at drsupertooth.com.