To Dye For

Ever wonder what it’s like to be able to get just about anything delivered? To be rendered every service imaginable? To treat the world like your own private Pink Dot? Well, quit wondering.

Susan Henry, a.k.a. the House-Call Colorist, is responsible for the locks of some of L.A.’s biggest and brightest. She won’t disclose her client list, but suffice it to say that her shower has been tagged the “celebrity communal shower.” (Does that sound kinky or what?)

And, yup, she’ll come over, too.

A veteran of Umberto, Jose Eber, and Prive, Susan has started her own product line, made from all-natural ingredients like wheat germ, jojoba oil, and soy protein. She promises that her color not only stays but won’t get into your bloodstream either. All you expectant moms — your days of kerchiefs and baseball caps are over.

Now sit back, kick off your shoes, and start dialing. This is how blondes have fun.

Susan Henry, by appointment (310-713-0377).