Getting the Boot

What would an L.A. exercise trend be without all the expensive, fashionable gear to go with it?

Not a trend, certainly.

Take hiking. The idea is pretty basic. You walk. Uphill. Outside. It’s easy, it’s free. It requires no special training or paraphernalia. And yet, the seemingly simple activity has fallen prey to the same gear-related pressures as spinning, surfing, and yoga. Just count the Juicy drawstring sweats, the tube tops, the Seven jeans that crop up along Runyon Canyon… it’s downright alarming.

And oh, do you have the right shoes?

Lest you have forgotten, being au courant is a head-to-toe job. Word on the trail is that the “It” model is Nike’s Air Crested Butte, which comes with a rubberized toe bumper and raised channels to trap warm air.

See? Now you’re ready to hike L.A. style. Just grab your dog, and out you go.

You do have a dog, right? Does he have the right accessories?

Available online at niketown.com.