What I Did for Status

Ain’t social life a bitch?

You go to the right parties. You maintain appearances. Your name shows up in all the right glossy magazines.

Then, right under your watchful, plastic-surgeried nose, some monster comes along and steals your Fifth Avenue pad, your Southampton home, and your $200 million inheritance.

What? You knew nothing about it?

A veritable socialite sob story, Social Crimes is the latest from Jane Stanton Hitchcock. It chronicles the public triumph, fall, and vindication of Jo Slater, New York-society doyenne. The story, set on the Upper East Side, has all the perfect page-turners: mystery, double-crossing, French aristocracy, and murder, murder, murder.

It’s not like anyone really aspires to live this nonsense. But it sure makes for drippingly good beach reading.

Social Crimes is available from our partner amazon.com.