Sure, basketball’s over (Lakers rule!). But we’ve still got the U.S. Open, World Cup, Wimbledon, and, of course, baseball. In other words, ‘tis the season to get sporty.

If we know you, you’ll want to do it old-school style, and these days finding a pair of vintage Air Jordans just isn’t enough. Rather, get yourself a pair of Dunlop Green Flash. The geeky all-white Brit classics go way back. Like 200 years back, when they were known as “sand shoes.” Fred Perry wore them to win Wimbledon three times.

That was then. Now? Dunlop is making a fierce comeback with the original Green Flash. Expect the same very plain and white selection (the only frills are a choice between Velcro and lace-ups). If the squeaky-clean look is not your gig, they make a Dirty Flash (pre-stained with tea to look more beat up).

So whichever sport you’re watching (or however dumb you are), at least you’ll look like you know the score.

Available online at brandteaser.com or jamesandjames.com.