Swallow Easy Now

You take a pill to be happy.
To calm down.
To, er, “feel good.”
To lose weight. (Yeah, right, sucker.) To smell pretty. (Bigger sucker.)

But what if you could take a pill and speak French immediately? Tell convincing lies? Be a best-selling writer? Communicate effectively with your father?

Sound like something straight out of a Willy Wonka story? A panacea from the pages of a bad sci-fi novel? No, dummy. It’s art!

The line of wonder drugs (half art, half satire) by Canadian artist Dana Wyse pokes fun at life’s little hardships. Wyse has been producing these miracle pills from her Paris studio since 1996, and now she sells them to most major art museums.

Don’t want to have ugly children? Want instant childhood memories?

Take a pill, and call us in the morning.

Available at the Museum Of Contemporary Art, 250 South Grand Avenue, between First and Third Streets (213-621-2766).