All Grown Up and Someplace to Give

All grown up, are you? Well, let’s see: You’ve got a job, a home, a car, even a gym membership. Guess so.

Time to give back.

Think you’ve got nothing to offer? Puh-leez. You do, baby, you do. Become a mentor for Girls Today, Women Tomorrow, an organization that helps Latina girls gain skills, knowledge, and self-esteem. Volunteers contribute their own particular skills: One taught kickboxing. Another arranged for a tour of her offices at 20th Century Fox. Another arranged a visit to Sacramento to meet Sharon Davis, the first lady of California.

There are other ways to help — from getting involved with the annual fundraising fashion show (which features the girls as models, held this year on July 25) to working on with the Website (again, created and maintained by the kids). Anything from life skills to job training to hanging out and gossiping about fashion trends.

Okay, so maybe you’re not so grown-up.

For more information, contact Barbara Romero at 323-526-3039 or bromero@gtwt.org; or log on to gtwt.org.