Hello, My Name Is. . .

The joys of summer camp. The bus ride. The getting-to-know-you games. Care packages, color war.

And, of course, name tags, those narrow cotton strips created to keep you from snatching the wrong panties and jockeys out of the laundry (and others from stealing your favorite hoodie).

They’re back. In fine, fine form. Showing up in conspicuously inconspicuous spots, like peeping thongs and boxers. (Look, if you’re going to show the world your underpants, you might as well have your name on them.) Or if you’re not in love with the notion of exposing your knickers, sew your “Ruth” and “Rob” onto bra straps and bikinis, tank tops and baseball caps. Heck, make a barrette. Replace an Izod gator. (That’s what Paul Smith’s doing with his name tape, or so we’ve heard.)

So the next time that cutie across the bar wants to know your name, you know what to do…

Your number? Hottie might have to work a little harder for that.

Name tape can be ordered at most camp outfitters; or online at namelabels.com. Cosabella thongs are available at shopbop.com.