Male Vanity 101

Men can get away with a lot of things. Some might argue that they age better. That they look sexier with gray hair. (They certainly seem to have less of an issue with flatulence.)

Conversely, they face hurdles that women don’t. Think of the flack men get for using snazzy hair gel, staring too hard at themselves in the mirror, or submitting to the occasional manicure. Why should they suffer? We say it’s time to release them from such societal shackles and bring men’s grooming out of the closet.

To that end: The DailyCandy guide to the best primping stations for men.

Open 14 years and still going strong, The Barber Shop Club (6907 Melrose Avenue; 323-939-4319) is a bona fide trip back to the ’40s.The 800-square-foot space is all about hot-towel shaves, shoe shines, and games of chess. Some dig it for just listening to jazz while getting an honest haircut. Shaquille O’Neil, David Arquette, and Vince Vaughn all frequent.

Barber Shop Club

Ever wonder how the celebs never lose their hair, even after you’ve seen them lose their hair? Answer: They have Piny (8817 West Olympic Boulevard, suite 104; 310-652-6691), custom hair replacer to the stars. (Oh, my! Did we really just say that?) A balding man’s savior, he’s famous for his killer toupees that don’t look like toupees. Piny has coiffed Charlie Sheen, Don Johnson — and even did Travolta for Pulp Fiction.

You still have a full head of hair? Bless your soul. Take care of it. If you don’t mind dropping a few hundred dollars on a haircut, go see Jonathan (901 Westbourne Drive; 310-855-0225). His male clientele is none too shabby. Ricky Martin, Tiger Woods, Jay Leno, Kevin Costner, David Duchovny, Christian Slater, Rod Stewart, Mark McGrath, and Steven Tyler are all regulars. That manly enough for you?


Stallion has a blemish? The Face Place (8701 Santa Monica Boulevard; 310-855-1150) not only gives great facials, but it also offers total privacy. So prop your legs up, and get to know the meaning of extraction.

Speaking of privacy, Robert Scott (323-656-5975; or online at rsfacebody.com) not only makes house calls, his studio is also tucked away in a quiet West Hollywood bungalow. Praised as the best masseur in L.A., he’s known for such signature treatments as a scrub with lavender and lemons fresh from his garden. Scott is also a master of the antioxidant facial. The only thing he can’t do is keep the paparazzi at bay.

You could probably get away with a trip to Ole Henriksen/Body (8622 West Sunset Boulevard, suite A; 310-854-7700) by claiming you just want to see the stunning design of his renowned 4,000-square-foot spa. But that would be a shame. This is the place for some of the best treatments in town — including manicures, killer facials, all sorts of massages (hot-stone, craniosacral, deep-tissue/sport, and Swedish, just to name a few). And even the tamest of product whores can’t seem to make it out of there without a shopping bag brimming with his delish-smelling concoctions. Mark Wahlberg and Leonardo DiCaprio are fans.

For the traditionalist, old-timer men’s club City Spa & Health Center (5325 Pico Boulevard; 323-933-5954) may have been around since the Sinatra days, but it still has all the right ingredients: a whirlpool bath, icy-cold plunge pool, gym, sundeck, massage, body scrubs, steam room, saunas, and juice bar.

City Spa

You know what they say: You can tell a lot about a man by his hands. We can’t help on any sizing issues, but we can tell you where to take care of the ones you were born with. Head to Beverly Hills Nail Design (423 North Bedford Drive; 310-205-0694), where at any given moment a man is having his feet soaked, listening to Beverly Hills wives dishing on their producer husbands. What could be more fun?

And after all, isn’t that what preening is all about?

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