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Joan's Addiction

The things we do in the name of thinness.

Reducing every meal to a bunch of points. Willingly submitting to something called “yoga booty ballet.” Popping silly pills. Shelling out serious coin to doctors who dispense wisdom like, Eat less. And not eating pizza. Like ever.

Screw it, we say! Enough with your low-fat, low-carb, low-whatever diet. Enough with your “good fat” and your “bad fat” (and your sick obsession with Mickey Dee’s fries). We’ve found the sickest, most decadent, wicked dessert. And it’s worth every empty calorie.

Here’s how it came about: The other day, while sipping coffee at Joan’s on Third, we happened to mention to Joan that we were feeling a bit peckish. She (the angel!) obliged us by creating an original dessert just for us: an insanely dense, rich cake, made from a batter of chocolate meringue, filled with graham-cracker crumbs and pecans, and covered with a glistening chocolate ganache. Topped with a scoop of vanilla-bean gelato and a smattering of shiny, silver candy beads, it’s like nothing we’ve ever experienced. Then, amidst our sugar high, we had the thrill of naming the darn thing — and so we begged her to let us turn Joan’s Addiction into a DailyCandy. (As if we were going to keep our mouths shut about this one!)

So go on. Throw caution to the wind. And don’t you dare spend an extra hour at the gym tomorrow.

Joan’s on Third, 8350 West 3rd Street, between Sweetzer and Orlando Streets (323-655-2285).

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8350 W 3rd St
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