Food & Drink

VIP Status

What kind of VIP are you?

Are you Very (as in over-the-top mover-and-shaker)?

Are you Important (as in high up on the food chain and well paid)?

Or are you just a Person (like most of us who like to go out every now and again)?

If you’re any of the above, you’ve likely heard the buzz about Ivar, Hollywood’s new hotspot. But allow us to weed through the schlock of promoted-evening hell for you — and provide you with the Cliffs Notes on how to brave the wrath of the velvet rope.

Thursday is all about electro music, hosted by the guys who did Sundays at the Standard Downtown. Friday is called Kitsch, with hip-hop and old-school rock and roll. And Saturday is, um, for the people who couldn’t get in the other nights. But with three VIP sections, four bars, a smoking patio, and multiple levels for spying, Ivar has enough going on to keep even you entertained. For at least five minutes.

Unless, of course, you’re not even a Person. In which case, you’ve got bigger problems.

Ivar, 6356 Hollywood Boulevard, at Ivar Street (323-465-4827).