The Clipping News

We spend a lot of our time writing about toenails.

But we never seem to address, well, the nitty-gritty aspect of it all. And when we say nitty-gritty, we mean nitty-gritty. As in nail clippings flying in the face of your nearest and dearest.

Hey, it’s a fact of life: Those little guys can travel fast. Now, finally, there’s a way to deal with them. We found a nail clipper that actually has a built-in protective shield to catch errant clippings. Skeptical at first (can they really stop these seemingly unstoppable shards in their tracks? Do we have the technology? How do you solve a problem like Maria?), we were pleasantly surprised by how well the clippers worked. They’re now a permanent part of our hygiene kit, having made the whole process a lot neater …

And, most important, protecting the safety of innocent bystanders.

Available online at denco.theshoppe.com.