Sending the Right Message

Truth is, in this town first impressions count. (No word yet on where they don’t.)

Especially when it comes to words.

Throwing a party? A proper invitation should make the recipient laugh and display emotion her face hasn’t known since its pre-Botox days. Business cards and letterhead should delicately scream “Get her on the line pronto!”

That said, call Claudia Laub before you ever mass-mail anything again. Her handmade letterpress creations have landed countless jobs and announced events (weddings, parties, mitzvah) that no A-lister could refuse. (Her client list looks like an InStyle dream team: Demi, Meg, Brad and Jen …) Laub’s exquisite old-world stationery, produced using “ancient” techniques, simply reeks of pedigree.

Just the look you were wordlessly going for.

Claudia Laub Studio & Gallery open Thursday to Saturday, 139 South Wilton Place, between Beverly Boulevard and 3rd Street (323-871-1400). To see styles, go to claudialaubstudio.com.