Absolutely Fabulous

The ultimate L.A. question: Are they real or fake?

Mark Chitjian proudly shows off his fauxs. And why not? He did refinance his house to purchase them.

His Fabulous Finds and Fantastic Fakes Sale features the best vintage, costume, and estate jewelry in town, comprising more than 50,000 pieces — everything from diamond rings to hot-pink plastic daisy pins. Mark, now a longtime expert in the field, started small with a three-piece purchase on eBay and ended up trolling for major collections privately. He now resells items for about $15 apiece (though prices range anywhere from $5 to $500), and personal shoppers and costume designers have all gotten in on the action. (Check out Renee’s brooches in one of the final scenes in Down With Love.)

A word of warning, however: Like most things fabulous, this sale is not for the faint of heart. Total strangers have been known to get into serious tussles over 1950s blue iridescent Avon rings.

But really, aren’t the best things worth fighting for?

Fabulous Finds and Fantastic Fakes Sale, 588 North Larchmont Boulevard, at Clinton Street (213-703-3200). Through the end of June, Saturdays & Sundays 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Follow the neon signs.