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How to make a statement with a restaurant opening?

By not making a statement at all, apparently. Cafe Tartine, the new spot on Beverly, has done everything imaginable to keep its opening from becoming news. No fanfare. No party. No publicist. No returned calls.

Playing hard-to-get isn’t a new tactic in the restaurant world (nor anywhere in France, come to think of it). But no matter how standoffish they are, Tartine won’t have much of a problem attracting business, what with the Les Deux veterans in the kitchen, the prime location, and the airy, inviting interior. The menu is simple, in the best possible way: soups, organic salads, fresh-squeezed juices, and sandwiches made on bread FedExed from the famous Parisian bakery Poilane. No liquor served just yet, but it’s still the place to stop after a rigorous shopping spree or during a busy workday. Service is all counter-style, so you don’t have to wait for anyone to come to you.

Which — trust us — is a good thing.

Cafe Tartine, 7385 Beverly Boulevard, at Martel Avenue (323-938-1300).