Now You're Cookin'

You’ve coveted the impish Jamie Oliver, with his hot cockney accent. Envied the luscious Nigella and her effortless ways. Laughed at those wacky Iron Chefs. All the while thinking, I can do that.

Can you really? Didn’t think so. Not yet, at least.

Drop the remote and sign up for a Be Gourmet cooking class, taught by chef Tim Ross of the prestigious Ecole Superieur de Cuisine Francaise. With lessons in everything from Fancy Froufrou Appetizers to An Elegant Simple Meal, Tim will awaken your inner chef in no time. A little rusty? Take a Basic Cooking and Knife Skills Workshop. Slightly more seasoned? Opt for Flying Sauces, which will help you transform the simplest dishes into culinary standouts. Hanging out in Tim’s funky Silver Lake kitchen with Ella Fitzgerald crooning in the background and a glass of Merlot in hand, you’ll feel so laid-back that you may forget you’re learning something.

So dust off those pans, whip out your apron, and begin your meteoric ascent to Food TV stardom.

Hey, you never know.

To sign up for Be Gourmet classes, call 323-610-1082 or e-mail begourmet@att.net. For more information, go to begourmet.net.