Glow On Now

Hey, freckle face. Remember when nothing Mom said could convince you to use sunscreen? Bet you wish you’d listened.

You can’t change the past, but you can belie your reckless youth. The dermatologist famous for giving patients temporary smurf skin (the Obagi Blue Peel) introduces two skin care regimens — Obagi-C™ Rx System and Obagi Nu-Derm® System — that can transform your sun-damaged dermis into more luminous, beautiful skin.


Perhaps you did heed Mom’s advice. (Smart girl!) You’ve still been subjected to everyday solar evils. For mild to moderate sun damage, there’s Obagi-C™ Rx. Comprised of a cleansing gel, clarifying serum, exfoliating lotions, sunscreen, and night cream, this is no ordinary skin care program. It’s the only one to combine prescription-strength vitamin C with a lightening agent for brighter, Photolumines™ skin. What’s that? Skin that radiates light from within, for a healthy, youthful glow.


Ready to get really serious about banishing wrinkles and sun damage? Nu-Derm® is two to three times more effective than tretinoin (that holy grail of skin care) alone. The cleansers, exfoliators, and stimulators correct skin function at the cellular level, revving up skin cell turnover, reducing hyperpigmentation, and increasing collagen and elastin production — so tired skin looks fresh again. And you look gorgeous.

Tiny lines and wrinkles? Gone. Freckles and age spots? Vamoose. Gorgeous, glowing skin? You got it.

Now go tell Mom.

The first 25 to call (800-259-1243) will receive a free Obagi sunscreen. Obagi skin care products are available only through a physician’s office. To find a doctor who prescribes the Obagi System, go to obagi.com.