Jee Whiz

When does style take a backseat to comfort?

When the heat causes the space between your boobs to become a free-flowing perspiration riverbed.

Hence trousers give way to cutoffs, heels yield to flip-flops, and the fashion gods’ impassioned pleas fall on deaf ears for at least a couple of months.

Unless, that is, you’ve discovered Jee. The designer’s first collection of lightweight tops is sublimely summery in the most appealing way.

Lace inserts, featherweight cotton, and gossamer crochet in pale yellow, petal pink, and crisp white look as cool as they feel; names like Sea Urchin, Butterflies, Summer Seashells and Sand, and the Hammock Halter bring to mind the best things about the season. They’re proof that summer doesn’t have to be all boring tanks and shorts.

And welcome evidence that style is quite the backseat driver.

Available online at jeeonline.com.