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Midnight Blue

In this town, we have a healthy respect for nature.

As a jumping-off point, that is. Big boobs are great but can always be bigger. Sunsets are pretty, but add some smog and you’ve got a Technicolor dreamscape. And palm trees? Even those can be improved.

At Blue Palms Lounge, the newly reopened resto adjacent to the Henry Fonda Musicbox Theater, chefs John Shook and Vinny Dotolo (also known as our favorite caterers, the Food Dudes) turn beautiful, natural ingredients into some of the best late-night eats we’ve ever had.

The eclectic menu changes weekly, but on a recent visit we sampled seared albacore tataki, blackened catfish with grilled corn and remoulade, seared rib-eye with killer aioli, and a perfect grilled cheese served with tiny homemade potato chips. For dessert? Mini pumpkin tartlettes with creme anglaise and a stack of delicate buttermilk pancakes smothered in cream and berries.

Right now it’s only open on nights when there’s a show at the Musicbox, but they’re planning more regular hours come November. So stop in whenever you’re in the mood for great food in a quintessentially L.A. room. The furnishings are plush, the ceilings high. And the palm trees? Most definitely blue.


Blue Palms Lounge, 6126 Hollywood Boulevard, between El Centro Avenue and Gower Street (323-464-0808). For information on catering, email Vinny at carmelizedproductions@yahoo.com.