Best of 2005: Psychic Link

Hear that? It’s the tune of 2006. Before we dive in, a shout-out to our favorites from 2005. Feel free to hum along.

Originally published 3/24/05

Who needs traditional forms of communication when you’ve got IM? With just a tap-tap-tap of the old fingers, you can negotiate a raise, break up with someone, spread gossip, and order lunch — all before noon.

But can you see the future?

Justine Kenzer can. The Los Angeles-based psychic (who won’t reveal names but has been linked to stars of Friends and Desperate Housewives) will conduct a psychic reading entirely over instant messenger. Ask her anything: She’ll get as general (Will the brass ring of success be mine?) or specific (But what sort of nun was I in a past life?) as you want.

Her amazingly accurate insights inspire faith in her projections and advice, while the IM medium makes it possible to get readings just about anywhere — even at work. Of course, for those who prefer to do things the old-fashioned way, Kenzer does readings over the phone, too. Could be worth a try.

It’s not like you use the thing for anything else.

To schedule a reading, go to psychicgirl.com or e-mail justine@psychicgirl.com.

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