Bag to the Future

Hundreds of years hence, when history has long forgotten us, people will dig up our artifacts and wonder.

Wonder what all those “Team Aniston” T-shirts, “Cheney’s Got a Gun” song lyrics, and Y2K warning memos were about.

Mostly, though, they will marvel at our laptop bags.

You see, our descendants will have computers implanted in their brains and hardwired into their visual cortexes, so it’s likely they won’t understand the beauty of the Vivier laptop bag. In a rare marriage of form and function, the canvas carryalls come in appealing shapes and feature details like leather trim, sporty Euro-ish stripes, sturdy brass hardware, and nifty key fobs. You can even have yours personalized if you order through Yolk in Silver Lake.

Each also comes with a laptop pocket to provide extra protection for your computer. But they’re so cute you may be tempted to leave the notebook at home and use the bag as a plain old purse.

Who knows? They may just stand the test of time after all.

Available at Yolk, 1626 Silver Lake Boulevard, between Effie Street and Berkeley Avenue, Silver Lake (323-660-4315); online at seevivier.com

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1626 Silver Lake Blvd
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