Keep ’Em Coming

Chapter 1: “The Case 0f the Baffling Sole.”

Using extraordinary powers of observation and logic, Shoelock Holmes began to unravel the mystery of Keep, a new L.A.-based company rumored to crank out adorable, comfy, well-priced kicks.

Holmes was not entirely convinced that was possible. She puffed on her pipe (just for effect) and considered the evidence.

Exhibit A: Benten, a boat shoe (in green, gray and yellow, natural, or black) with molded gum soles (for fine sea legs).

Exhibit B: Ramos, a classic canvas midtop with gingham, check, plaid, or seersucker shirt fabric detailing and lightly padded ankles.

Exhibit C: Duke, an updated tennis sneak with pics of feathers or braided lace screen-printed on the toes.

Holmes called her trusty sidekick to go try on a pair — or three. Watson confirmed that Keep shoes were charming (look at the spring colors!), snug (feel the foot cushions!), and reasonable (less than $100!).

The Keep shoe: On the pavement, it’s fantastic. On the docks, it’s genius. On the grass, it’s incredible.

On the whole, it’s elementary.

Available at Built by Wendy, 7 Centre Market Place, at Broome Street (212-925-6538); Rugged Sole, 7 West Eighth Street, between 5th and 6th Avenues (212-477-7555); online at keepcompany.com.

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7 Centre Market Pl
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