Slim Chance

Finally. A summer that embraces long caftans and cheeky nauticals with as much enthusiasm as it does bikinis.

Sadly, though, swimming in sailor pants is still not an option.

Just in time for the season of swimsuit stress, Tracy Anderson has opened her first West Coast outpost in Studio City. She’s been transforming regular bods into long, lean, dancer-inspired bombshells in New York City and Indiana for years.

Go in, get measured, and while you get started on the first of ten basic sessions aimed at waking up muscles you rarely use, Anderson will sort through her ever-growing choreography bank (so far there are 2,000 patented moves with 40 new ones each month) to design a fitness plan based on your body and your goals (don’t be afraid to bring in pictures).

Focused on getting fast results and maintaining them, she loves a challenge — particularly brides-to-be, new moms, and determined types who are ready to show up and work out.

And, of course, anyone not interested in sitting fully clothed on the dock of the bay.

Tracy Anderson Studios, 12345 Ventura Boulevard, between Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Whitsett Avenue, suite l, Studio City (818-762-3133 or tracyandersonstudios.com ).

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Tracy Anderson Studios
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