By a Nose

The trouble started at the middle school dance: You and your date, Bobby, strutted in smelling of Calyx and Drakkar. By Monday lunch every last seventh grader had bitten your fragrance style.

Now, even if you deigned to dab patchouli, you’d fear the aroma hounds were on your scent.

Blunda, a boutique of all things olfactory, helps you stay ahead of the pack with The Studio, a custom aroma workshop at the back of its boutique. With space to host up to twenty, they offer scent-related lessons in everything from soap making to the fundamentals of aromatic foods.

This Saturday, it’s An Introduction to the Art of Natural Perfumes with Kedra Hart, developer of The Apothecary at Barneys and founder of Precious Petals and Opus Oils. You’ll define notes; learn blending basics; and then make your own fragrance using bases and rare ingredients like Japanese yuzu, saffron, tobacco leaf, and Australian boronia flower.

How will you know which ones are right for you? That’s the easy part.

Just follow your nose.

Blunda, 304 South Edinburgh Avenue, between West Third Street and Blackburn Avenue (323-658-7507 or blundalosangeles.com).