Do You Believe in Magic?

Fashion and magic don’t usually go hand in hand. Ever try to rock a casual top hat? How about accessorizing your cape with a white cockatoo? Our thoughts exactly.

And even though Annie Costello Brown claims to know not a single trick, her debut jewelry collection is simply magical.

The L.A.-based designer creates folk- and gothic-inspired pieces with a feminine twist: Her moon pendant necklaces, black cat pins, and geometric bracelets done in silver and leather with crystal pearls are full of charm.

Sound like hocus-pocus? Don’t be fooled. This is no smoke and mirrors. All of the studding, quilting, weaving, hand-dyeing, and chain oxidizing are done by Brown in her own studio. (After all, she was a fine arts major.)

You don’t have to be a wiz to see that this young designer is about to take off.

And it could happen — poof! — right before your very eyes.

Available at Des Kohan, 671 South Cloverdale Avenue, between Wilshire Boulevard and Sixth Street, Miracle Mile (323-857-0200). To see styles, go to anniecostellobrown.com.

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671 S Cloverdale Ave
bt Wilshire Blvd & W 6th St
Los Angeles, CA 90036