Do the Right Thing

Sigh. Yet another red-hot event (read: dinky wedding reception) and you can’t be bothered to primp. So you get your face “done” at a swanky makeup counter.

Later, transfixed by your face, your date asks, “Where’s the drag show?”

Oh, you’re done all right.

Done with solo missions to cosmetic counters, that is. Next time bring along personal beauty shopper Robyn Cosio. The makeup artist acclaimed for her four-minute eyebrow face-lift (and her work with InStyle) will help you navigate the beauty jungle.

Bring your old products to The Salon by Maxime (house calls are available for beauty emergencies) and Cosio will sift through the good, the bad, and the flat-out horrific — and teach you how to apply it all.

Then rendezvous with Cosio at the cosmetics shop of your choice (she plays no favorites). She’ll guide you through foundations, steer you toward flattering shadows, and tell you which products you’re better off picking up at the drugstore.

It’s a done deal.

Robyn Cosio, The Salon by Maxime, 421 North Rodeo Drive, between Santa Monica Boulevard and Brighton Way, Beverly Hills (310-205-2370).