Best of 2006: Shark Tales

It’s that time again — when we prepare to ring in the new by celebrating the best of the past year. So this week, we give you some of our favorite stories from 2006.

Originally published on 1/25/06

While basking in your triumph over the baffling Case of the Stinky Fridge Drawer, it dawned on you: Life’s gotten a wee bit dull.

Where’s the drama? The mystery? The intrigue?

For a dash of outlaw culture, go no further than Tony Picasso. He’s the most dangerous criminal in the world: a card shark.

Who is this upscale con artist, you ask? He’s the upscale con artist, folks. According to him, gambling was once the illegitimate child of the organized crime world — and it’s no longer up for adoption. Known to many as The Cardfather, he views cards as his religion and Vegas as his temple — but can most often be found at the Magic Castle or en route to do a private party.

His show’s not full of hocus-pocus, but there’s lots of razzle-dazzle. The Picasso Method is about psychology, misdirection, sleight of hand, memorization, rapid culling techniques, and a little ESP. He’ll impress you with his tricky cuts and convince you that there’s still magic to be found in the world.

Try looking for that in your fridge.

For more information, go to upscaleconartist.com. For upcoming shows, e-mail viplounge@earthlink.net.

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