Sock-re Bleu!

Hansel from Basel is:
a) The twin brother of Gretel from Basel.
b) Marcus Schenkenberg’s second cousin.
c) The most delightful sock collection in all the land.

The answer, of course, is c, and we really couldn’t be more excited about it.

Inspired by the bestockinged ladies of painter Egon Schiele, designer Hannah Byun’s playful cotton-blend thigh-highs will give you a leg up on the competition.

Do a knee-patched royal blue and poppy striped pair with a miniskirt and heels, or try heather gray with short shorts and flats. Oatmeal or boysenberry solids give a stocking effect under a flowy skirt; let the almond with lime green squiggles peek out over your boot tops.

Tights, leggings, and a whole new color palette will be available soon.

So you’ll have multiple choices.

All of which are the right answer.

Available at Creatures of Comfort, 7971 Melrose Avenue, between Edinburgh and Hayworth Avenues, West Hollywood (323-655-7855 or creaturesofcomfort.us). To see styles, go to hanselfrombasel.com.

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7971 Melrose Ave
bt Edinburgh & Hayworth Aves
Los Angeles, CA 90046