Oh Deere

Childhood stories (Bambi, Rudolph) would have us believe that your average deer is a cute but slightly sorry sad sack.

For a specimen that’s always a winner (and very grown-up), look to Deere Colhoun, a new line of luxury handbags.

Handcrafted and available in rare colors like salmon and banana, the bags feature pockets galore and come in styles like the small Sienna (great for everyday stuff), a rectangular over-the-shoulder number; the slightly larger Sienna; and the Carter, an intelligent-looking messenger bag.

To organize all the unnecessary stuff you’re toting around, check out the matching key chains, makeup bags, wallets, and clutches.

And if Bambi and Rudolph try to guilt you with their doe eyes, you know what to say.

“Frankly, my deer, I don’t give a damn.”

Available online at lagarconne.com or deerecolhoun.com.