Double Trouble

So the old saw-the-lady-in-half show didn’t exactly impress you? Ditto for the quarter behind the ear?

Well then, what if, for the next trick, you saw one bag become two?

Here we have a new Bare bucket bag. Yes, L.A.-based jewelry designer Jeet Sohal has just added carryalls to her repertoire (a feat in itself, it’s true).

Take a good look at it. All you see is a simple, sophisticated bucket bag made with the finest Napa leather, treated for durability, with but a few modern seam details, reinforced oval handles, and outside zipper pocket.

Now, watch as it is turned inside out. Voila! You’ve got the same bag but in an entirely new color. Amazing, isn’t it? Navy turns to white, black to cognac, and gold reverses to black or cognac right before your very eyes.

So much for not believing in magic.

Available at
deskohan.com or madisonlosangeles.com.

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671 S Cloverdale Ave
bt Wilshire Blvd & W 6th St
Los Angeles, CA 90036