Food & Drink

Paging Dr. Bob

Headache? Heart pain? Parentally inflicted, hour-long telephone nagfest?

Super-rich, insanely delish, award-winning ice cream is just what Dr. Bob ordered (and made).

Sore throat: pistachio
Record heat index and a bunk AC: black raspberry chip
Chocolate withdrawal: Scharffen Berger mint chip
Gilmore Girls marathon on the CW: cappuccino crunch
Dangerously heavy case of the Sunday blues: strawberry with sour cream and brown sugar
Intense sugar craving due to high alcohol consumption: dulce de leche
Bratty bastard broke your heart: vanilla peanut butter chunk
Bossman made cutbacks to increase his inflated salary: brown sugar pecan
No monies for the tropical vacation you deserve: Tahitian vanilla
Best friend slept with husband while you were giving birth: the Works (dark chocolate ice cream with bittersweet, semisweet chocolate chunks and roasted ground cocoa beans)

Take two scoops and call him in the morning.

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