Phoning It In

Welcome to Necklines, where if it falls between your visage and your décolletage, it’s on the air!

First question’s from Turtleneck in Torrace who writes, “My style is suffocating. Help!”

The phones are lighting up! Gabriela Artigas collar number one?

I know lots of great crescents, leather and silk, that would help T. in T. out.

Listen to that support. Now, Bateau in Burbank claims, “I’m shipwrecked on the Isle of Boredom!” Collar number two, what do you say?

Picture hand-dyed, hand-carved wood — little curvy, but not too much — silk backing, obsidian stones, and copper and gold chains, and try to relax.

Oomph! Here’s a doozy: Strapless on Sawtelle’s feeling overexposed. What’s the deal, collar number three?

Kids these days! I would cover her right up with a dark vintage silk-covered plate with a chunky, coated chain.

You sound like a concerned grandma.

Excuse me. I’m Mother-of-Pearl.

Aaaaaaand that’s all the time we have. Until tomorrow, keep your chin up!

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