The Pickup Artist

Start your morning the awkward way: Walk outside; wave to neighbor getting into car while getting into your car; unofficially tail said neighbor for approximately 45 minutes; wave again when he turns into a parking garage three blocks from your office. Repeat Monday through Friday.

Rideamigos.com could bring you two together.

Hailing from NYC, the newly launched carpooling website matches like-routed users wanting to save gas, cash, and/or take advantage of the HOV lane. Aside from meeting a new copilot or backseat driver for your commute, try sharing a cab for big games, live shows, airport treks, or any other event with potentially hellish parking.

After registering (it’s free), simply enter your to and from details and search. If no amigos are sharing your path just yet, create your own posting and you’ll be notified via e-mail if there are any takers.

Maybe you’ll even met Mr. Right.

Or at least Mr. Right Next Door.

Available online at