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The Pie Piper

To most, the fourth Thursday in November is known as Thanksgiving. To you, Any Pie in a Five-Mile Radius Is Mine Day pretty much sums it up.

Get prepped for the holiday with Porch Pies, a bake-to-order company specializing in traditional homemade Southern desserts.

Likely you’re familiar with pecan and sweet potato, so take this time to get accquainted with the chess family. Available in chocolate, lemon, and coconut variations, it’s a creamy filling that’s thicker than custard but not as dense as cheesecake. And silky sweet buttermilk is not to be missed.

Do note that it’s high season in the kitchen, so T. Day — or, rather, A.P.I.A.F.M.R.I.M. Day — orders must be in early.

Everyone’s just trying to get a piece of the pie.

Porch Pies (323-632-4816 or porchpies.com).

Porch Pies