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Bacon Salt of the Earth

Due to sheer laziness and a mild eating disorder, you never actually bring home the bacon.

Muster the energy to learn a little about Bacon Salt, and that’ll change.

The invention of two regular ol’ guys who love football, grilling, and — of course — bacon, the gourmet seasoning is, shockingly, zero calorie, fat free, vegetarian (for reals), and kosher. And the taste? To die.

Available in original, peppered, and hickory flavors, it takes everything to the next level in terms of deliciousness: bacon fries, bacon cheeseburgers, bacon mashed pots, bacon salads, bacon eggs — there’s almost nothing that would be better without Bacon Salt. The fact that it’s guilt free is just the icing on the cake.

Perhaps the one thing that doesn’t go with bacon.

Available online at baconsalt.com.