Valley of the Dolans

When you’re raised in the land of sweats, jeans, flip-flops, and tees, rebellion’s inevitable. Eventually, you’ll make a run for the party dress border.

Or so goes the story of Jodie Dolan. Born and raised in Seal Beach, the designer shed her beachy-casual past and just launched a collection made for high-life city living.

Grounding hues like olive and ivory paired with red, blue, and yellow primaries hint at her sunny upbringing, but her riffs on silk — from georgette to hammered — and luxe Italian knits toy with texture on a more erudite plane.

Slip on a zebra cardigan, yellow paper-bag-waisted dress, or New Year’s Eve-worthy metallic frock, and you’ll look like the one who got away.

But come on back soon now, you hear.

Available at Yellow, 605 North La Brea Avenue, at Clinton Street, La Brea Corridor (323-525-0362); online at ronherman.com.