Food & Drink

Central Booking

Dynamic duos never go unnoticed: hot and dog, see and saw, roller and rink.

Now: Shereen Arazm’s newly minted Central and lovely old Parc.

Smack dab in the middle of Hollywood, super-high ceilings, a massive tree feature, Missoni-covered seating, and souped-up midcentury modern decor define the ultra lounge.

And the service follows suit. Grab one of the seven tables for bottle service and little bites (oysters, caviar, fruit and cheese plates, and mini Kobe burgers a la Parc) or nab a house cocktail at the bar (Strawberry Basil; Perfect Champagne with a hint of St. Germain; Refresh, with gin, muddled cukes, dill, lime, and tonic).

It’s bound to be exclusive, but if you look pretty and act nice, you’ve got as good a shot as any.

So get ready for another perfect combination: Friday and night.

Central, 1710 North Las Palmas, between Hollywood Boulevard and Yucca Street, Hollywood (323-871-8022).